Review: God I Feel Modern Tonight by Catherine Cohen


“some of my closest friends have/ chosen to go to weddings/ instead of hanging around the city/ listening to me complain about someone I kissed in 2012/ when someone is married I do take that personally”

Catherine Cohen, God I Feel Modern Tonight

Everyone needs a little something to give them deep belly laughs from time to time. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine. This book had me reading almost every poem aloud to my fiancé because I just related so hard and wanted to share the amusement.

Catherine Cohen is a comedian and that side of her really shines through in this book. Not just that, but the experience of living in the modern world. She feels like someone I want to have a conversation with, someone who would understand all that I hold true. It felt like listening to an old friend.

It was too quick of a read. I finished up the 69 pages in less than an hour and wanted more. I’m probably going to read it over again before I return it to the library, and I will be buying it at my earliest convenience.

This book gets 5 stars, purely for being enjoyable. I suggest if you need something to cheer you up after a depressing read that you pick this one up.

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