Cigarette Ashes In All Your Spiderwebs

Flash Fiction

Writing prompt/ art prompt! Please, take this bit of inspiration along with me. Write or draw whatever comes to mind.

Here’s mine:
“Why are you crying over a bug?”

“Spider.” She corrected, the years scorching at the corners of her eyes. “American Grass Spider, actually.”

And that a-hole had the audacity to laugh. He enunciated each syllable – huh huh huh. But the woman focused on the spider trying to eat the cigarette butt that had been carelessly clicked into its blanketed funnel web. The spider dragged the bounty into the eye of its home and searched for the nutrition it would not find.

“I always forget you’re a bug freak,” he winked, but unlike a year ago, she did not smile.

She debated stepping in and trying to save the spider from the carcinogenic heartbreak. All she had to do was remove it from the funnel. But trying to save it might be damaging for both of them.

Audibly, he sucked in the air between his teeth. The silence weighed down the brisk 11 pm air. “How about we go home and watch that movie you’ve been nerding over?”

She didn’t look up at him; she nodded toward the spider. As they walked home, the tears fell. He didn’t notice.

She logged into Netflix; he’d called asleep before she even pressed play.


I found this graffiti year ago and always thought it was poetically beautiful. It’s been in my mind for years, but I’d never done anything with that inspiration. Isn’t that just how it is? So much wasted creativity.

I hope today, you’re able to use this as inspiration. I hope you create something. Please let me know if this prompt sparked something in you.


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