Tangy Tulle Massacre

Description: White text over a picture of buffalo wings that says: Wash your hands like you just ate buffalo wings and are about to put on a wedding dress.

Today’s #writingprompt took me in another strange direction. This sign made me laugh when I first saw it at the mall, but I guess I wasn’t laughing about it today 🤣

I bloodied my ivory tulle dress with barbeque sauce. I smeared my hands down the bodice, ensuring it would stain. My mother watched from the entrance of the empty reception hall. She’d followed me in after vomiting out the news. No one else dared.

 I ripped it off my body without unzipping. The crackling of tearing seams echoed. GRAHHHHHHHHH. I threw my body to the ground, knees meeting the hardwood first- crunching.

 The smell of smoked chicken and brisket still makes me nauseous.

“You should have never gotten mixed up in a man who did his dissertation on Greek tragedies,” Mom stared past the ceiling as if she could see into heaven. “I told you it was bad luck. He was always destined to become one.”


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